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To move inside Salvador, several alternatives :

  • salvadorMetro_200x150Metro : Under construction since a long time ... and opening was postponed from year to year.
    But the first line (center to northern suburbs) will be of no interest for visitors.





  • Bus : Several public and private companies are providing services and lines that run through Salvador. It is not always clear where lines and stops are. For instance, there is nothing looking as a comprehensive plan of the network. Also, feel free to request more information at Noa Noa reception desk.
    The nearest bus-stop is very close to the pousada, in front of the lighthouse (Farol).
    • Taxi : Taxi is a good alternative to travel conveniently in Salvador. A taxi stand is very close to the pousada, in front of the Farol de Barra. Averaged costs for a ride is about R$20.
      Do you want a car in front of Noa Noa? Ask at the reception and we'll call a taxi with whom we are working confidently.
    • Bike to rent : Bikes could be rent at the Pituaçu Park.